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yuh huh - pretending to listen

January 2008

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frustrated - i hate first years




There must be a counter-curse for this.

And why do I get the feeling that Stebbins been avoiding me recently?




You? YOU? So that's why you weren't at breakfast this morning! Rowena's fucking tits-

Thank you for confirming that, Stebbins.

Private to Stebbins: Other than that, are you alright?

Private to Fawcett

I'm anything BUT alright. I've barricated myself in my bed so I won't be seen by anyone least of all you. I'd DIE if that were to happen.
I had some of the chocolates, but nothing's happened to me! That's so weird!! And kind of disappointing. It'd be kind of interesting to see how exactly the transformation happens, first-hand. Is it gradual or sudden? How different does being a girl feel from being a guy? Hmmmm. Well, I guess I could always ask someone. Just not Angelina.
Well, that makes one for and one against. So it might not have anything to do with the chocolates at all, but then again you may just have a freakish immunity to it. Stephen Cornfoot in our house is immune to most sorts of potions, so I can ask him if he had any. I'll have to hear from more people to know for certain.
Jack seems to think the chocolates have something to do with it too, and poor Angelina had some, and now she's a boy. So I think your guess is probably right.

It's really odd that nothing's happened to me, though.
I am afflicted and it's really scary. Who knew that it is even scarier to BE a girl than to TALK to one?. I hope it wears off soon. I don't like this at all.

It is going to be really, really embarrassing if BOYS want to ruffle my hair too.
Well, it's impossible to permanently change someone's gender so it should wear off eventually, but in the meantime it is inconvenient, especially for the Muggleborns who have to go home on Saturday. I'll have to hear from a few more people, but I'm fairly certain it's caused by the chocolates.

Are you otherwise alright? Do you need to borrow any clothes?
ACK! I didn't even think of that! Oh, I HOPE it wears off SOON!

Thank you. I'm all right, Leanne has lent me some clothes, and Barney was kind enough to bring chocolate and get the boys outside the loo to stop whistling. It's just really weird looking at myself in a mirror. And scary. And... ANDREA HAS JUST OFFERED TO DO MY HAIR!!! I think I'm going to follow Nick's example and hide in the dorm once classes are over.
Leanne Elizabeth Mallory (or, as I should start calling myself now, Leo Elwood Mallory. I like the sound of that) reporting both the consumption and the affliction, Ma'am.
Thanks Mallory. Do you know of anyone else in Gryffindor who ate the chocolates?
The only one I know about is Angelina. You should be really careful around her him? as she took this particularly bad.
I ate the chocolates and turned into a girl as well. And I'm going to eat more of them if this is what they do. They taste great anyway and this is fun!
Thanks for that - Merton, isn't it?
Yes on both counts, Oh Serene Highness.

I'll be back in about twenty minutes to help you sort things out if you'd like. Right now, though, my second lieutenant Tracey Davis is offering to do my nails, and that's just too good an offer to pass up.
The one and only.

Come to think of it Brat's annoying nickname is rather appropriate now.
Hmm. Of our housemates I know that Marietta, Merton, Herbie, Michael and Morag were afflicted, and from those I've talked to, all seem to have eaten the chocolate. I am sticking to coffee as the source of energy and contentment as usual and warding my cup just to be on the safe side, so I think I'll be safe for the time being.

Anyway, Pomfrey hasn't seen this happen around here before, so most of the people who've gone to the hospital wing seem to still be afflicted. What do you think we ought to do about it? I'm looking through my books for any sort of information on Charms to undo this sort of thing, but haven't had too much luck yet.
Well, that confirms my suspicions as well. Stephen also ate them but wasn't affected, but you know, that immunity of his.

Private to Roger: I've just sent Montague a message asking for help. I suspect it's a potion as that's what chocolates are most likely to have and Stephen also didn't turn into a girl. Mum's the word on this as strictly speaking I'm going above the teachers' heads.
You're hard on your own sex. I wouldn't say 'afflicted' necessarily.
Yes, and notice how the girls seem more panicked about being boys than vice versa? That should tell you lot something.

Did you eat the chocolates as well?
No, I drank shampoo.

Haven't you had enough people confirm they are no longer their true gender post eating those things?
Oh dear. I ate the chocolates. And. Um. I'm a boy now.

Change me back. Change me back. CHANGE ME BACK!
But you're so good-looking as a bloke. We should have a solution soonish.
Good! I'm glad! I don't like being a boy. I much prefer being a girl. I don't like sleeping in the boy's dorm either. Oy. Talk about AWKWARD. I want my own bed and body back.