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yuh huh - pretending to listen

January 2008

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bored - yet another prefects' meeting


Michael Corner decided to ask Ginny Weasley to the next Hogsmeade weekend, coincedentally near Valentine's Day.

Michael Corner decided the most romantic way to go about this was to sneak up on Ginny Weasley, somewhere near the hospital wing, and so did so, placing his hands over her eyes. Instead of being glad to see him, Ginny Weasley shrieked and backed away as if he was infested with Nargles or whatever the hell it is that my cousin is rabbitting on about.

Undeterred, Michael Corner attempted to get her in the mood through a romantic embrace - and ended up with a punch on the kisser. For his troubles Michael Corner received a cut lip (nothing yours truly couldn't fix, of course) and for her troubles Ginny Weasley received a detention. However, when reminded this morning at breakfast, the little cow claimed to have no recollection of the incident, reacted angrily at my "suggestion" that she would do such a thing, and flat out refused to do the detention. Ginny Weasley now has an additional detention and I am taking the case to McGonagall.

Ain't young love grand? And it's not quite two weeks from Valentine's Day. No offense, Nick, but is there a February 14th equivalent of "Bah Humbug?"


Erm... Should I tell her?

Nah, better not.

Well, if we consider that, in the event of there being an afterlife, Saint Valentine must be a very grumpy saint who waves his staff menacingly at all the young people who celebrate his day with displays of affection, I think he'd probably prefer to see someone going "Bah Humbug" on his behalf.
I don't think there was an actual Saint Valentine. I think it's just a daft day some Muggle made up in order to get everyone to throw away their money on overpriced chocolates and red lingerie items of clothing. I'm sure Roger or one of my other housemates would know.
I've heard of some bloke called Valentine who got beheaded and was later elevated to sainthood for his troubles. Of course, this might all be in the realm of legend rather than historical accuracy - but yes, the day in itself is just a big commercial fabrication. it doesn't make it any less fun, though.

Private to Fawcett:
I take it you wouldn't be interested in celebrating it, then?
I've definitely heard that too.
Right. It's confirmed. I still don't understand what this has to do with little pink and red hearts and significant others though.
That may be, but I still don't see the connection between a bloke getting beheaded and the gawdy celebration of couplehood that the present-day holiday is. Though it might be quite schewd if you consider being in a relationship similar to decapitation. Maybe this Valentine bloke was onto something.

Private to Nick: Not that all that applies to us of course. I may find the holiday annoying, but I wouldn't mind being taken out for a week. It's not our fault that the bloody Hogsmeade Saturday falls near to that stupid day.
I don't think there is any real connection. Whoever came up with what Valentine's Day has become must have picked a saint's name at random. And I guess the comparison between a relationship and decapitation depends on who is in said relationship. I'm sure anyone likely to go out with Ernie Macmillan or Romilda Vane will experience that feeling.

Private to Fawcett: I am glad to hear it. Nothing would make me happier than spending the day with you.
And the good thing about Valentine's Day is that it will be easier to have some privacy, what with everybody going to Madam Puddifoot's and everywhere else being almost deserted.
Oh, Ernie isn't too bad. He's just a tad pompous. He may mellow with age. Or maybe not.

Private to Nick: Quite. The only thing worse than being crambed into two streets full of giggling fifth years is being crambed into two streets full of giggling fifth years on Valentine's Day.

I don't care if he was responsible for it or not. I hate that bloody saint.
I mentioned Ernie because, in spite of his pompousness, he's still likely to have someone fall in love with him. If I had named, say, Travers or Malfoy, then I'd be jumping into the realm of fantasy.

Private to Fawcett: I still think he'd be the most annoyed hater of this day, especially because of it being his day. Still, unless he's still around ina ghostly form, I doubt we'll be able to ask for his opinion.
Yeah, I wonder what type of girl Ernie would fancy. He seems like he'd enjoy the idea of someone else who's like him, though I can't see that working out.

Private to Nick: I'd be pissed if some fools wanted to have a day where everyone is more insipid and annoying than usual in my honour. Oh well. It would be idiotic not to spend time together just because it's Saint Valentine's Day, so we may as well make the most of it.
Relationships like that never do. However, I have faith in that boy being able to reciprocate.

Private to Fawcett: That's the ticket! We'll just ignore the celebrations and enjoy the fact that almost every place outside the tea house will be deserted.
He's such a good orator. If only there was a way to somehow turn a soapbox into a woman, he'd be set.

Private to Nick: Except for a quick dash to grab some of that fucking fantastic cinnamon tea, Madam Puddifoot's is off-limits. Agreed?
We can always suggest it to McGonagall. She'll obviously say no, but I'm sure it will give her a chuckle.

Private to Fawcett: Agreed.
She might be happy that we think so highly of her abilities.

Private to Stebbins: Just as well that her teaching is similarly faultless. I'm sure Umbridge would much rather do away with her than someone like Hagrid or Trelawney, but unless she comes up with something other than how McGongall takes her classes, she doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Private to Fawcett

Besides, I think McGonagall has the ability to put Umbridge in her place without getting in trouble for it. Same thing with Snape and Burbage.

Private to Nick

Ditto Babbling.

This whole situation sucks. I can't talk to my favourite professor anymore unless it's about class. I miss his help with Gobbledegook.

Private to Fawcett

Yeah. In my case, even talking about class will deserve a frown (and that annoying cough) from Umbridge if she's around, as talking about anything connected with the Muggle world is a big no-no in her eyes.

Private to Nick

Oh golly gosh. You'd think Muggles were people or something. Merlin forbid!

Rowena's fucking tits, give me a break. I realise that what I'm about to say is completely self-serving, but if Hogwarts education must go down the tube, did it have to be during my NEWT and my Head Girl year?

Private to Fawcett

It's not just you thinking that way.

Private to Nick

I know, I know. That said, I hope she somehow goes before the year is out. I hate to leave the next head girl such a mess.

At least neither of us is planning on making a career out of anything DADA-related, and I don't even take the sodding class anymore. You've got to feel for people like Roger and Angelina Johnson though, who seem to want to do something with their NEWT.

Private to Fawcett

We can always hope that the story about a curse is not just a myth or wishful thinking.

And that her departure will be painful and unpleasant, sadistic as it may sound.

You're right, but since I have to take the class, even though I don't plan to follow that path, it still gives me a headache.
Huh, that's weird. Maybe she has a thing against people putting their hands over her eyes. Or being sneaked up on. It could be a bit of a surprise I suppose, and some people don't like surprises. I like surprises, but not everybody does. I don't know why she is pretending she didn't do it though. Ooh, maybe if she was up at the hospital wing she was slightly delirious or had a fever or something like that and that might explain why she was acting all paranoid like and also of course she would not be able to remember it if she was out of it because her brain might have been frazzled. Maybe you should ask her why she was up at the hospital wing or ask Madam Pomfrey or something. She doesn't seem like the sort of person who would try and duck out of a detention.