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yuh huh - pretending to listen

January 2008

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nonplussed - what next


Because apparently the message isn't getting through to the Gryffindors some people despite how often I've been saying that, warn any susceptible people in your houses to be really, really careful around Umbridge.

Pick your battles with her, meaning don't pick any of them. And do not by any means take on either her or any students who seem to be close to her. I know this probably isn't the most noble advice for me as Head Girl to give, but people (both students and teachers) who challenge her seem to lose what little authority they have left. So if you're unlucky enough to earn her notice, go along on the surface and then try to help anyone affected tacitly afterwards. If you're caught up, plead ignorance.

This isn't about integrity. This is about covering our arses and trying to maintain what little power we have left to help the other students. She's taken away our DADA tutorials, but at least we prefects still have the ability to award detentions without consulting her first.

* * *

Roger knows. Everyone knows. Not that I needed to add that part after the "Roger knows," but yeah.

What do we do now?


I think the Hufflepuff team are all pretty sensible about such things, but I'll be keeping an eye on them.
Yes, I doubt that Chris will be starting fistfights anytime soon. But thanks anyway.

Private to Fawcett

Well, with Jenkins knowing, I guess it was inevitable. But now I'm even more adamant in avoiding Davies. And Johnson and Fred Weasley, since I'm sure they know it as well. And George Weasley just because I fear I might end up approaching his brother by mistake. We can only hope they'll leave us alone, though I'm afraid this is nothing but wishful thinking.

Private to Stebbins

I just - it's hard to figure out what we are with everyone else sticking their noses in our business - wish everyone would leave us alone, that's all.

Private to Fawcett

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will happen. Let's just hope the likes of Travers or Malfoy will still be focusing on the Gryffindors until this becomes old news, otherwise the situation will change from annoying to intolerable.

Private to Fawcett

So noted. I've already spoken to my team about it, and I don't think any of them are likely to start anything around her. Thank goodness that in this matter, if not all others, they're all fairly sane. Besides, Susannah has patrols with Malfoy these days, which really works out better for all concerned.

Private to Roger

I just hope everyone has the sense to keep it together between now and the end of the year.

Private to Fawcett and Prefects

I would be the last person on Earth to start any sort of altercation with other Quidditch players and students, I think. And... learning DADA secretly with other students isn't... exactly starting conflict. It's just to study. It's not like I'm encouraging Harry to lose his head over things.

Private to Cho and Prefects

I know. If there were more people like you in school, Cho, there'd be less need for people like me.

Private to Fawcett and Prefects

Yeah. I think we all know by now that Umbridge and Malfoy are like the new happy couple of Hogwarts. Man, Parkinson must be pissed.

It's a surprise that she's not all 'Vive La Resistance!' about it. But then again, she's a bit lacking in the brain department. Being in that close proximity with Malfoy and the hair product fumes must be bad for her.

Private to Warringto and Prefects

Parkinson's intelligent enough to know which side her bread's buttered on. I'll give her that much.

Private to Fawcett

I don't look for trouble, so you need not concern yourself there. It has a habit of finding me, however. In varying forms.

Private to Montague

I know you don't.

Malfoy seems to have figured out a way to beat getting into trouble though.