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yuh huh - pretending to listen

January 2008

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i see dead people - you're one


Right. No one other than Stebbins had better try to get this effin thing off my forehead. Not that I'd ever thought anyone other than Stebbins would want to try, but after this morning I stand corrected.


Tell me when it's gone, won't you? I don't want to catch it.
Yeah, thanks for your extremely selfless sympathy.

Oakby tried to snog me earlier. Oakby. He didn't succeed but I still feel violated.
Look at the bright side, you have Stebbins. You're not a complete damsel-in-distress, here.


Okay, I retract my former indifference.

Want chocolate?
Chocolate would be nice, thanks.

Now hopefully no other idiots attempt to do what he did before I next see Stebbins. I mean, what the bloody hell? Do I give off cute and cuddly vibes or something?
I don't pretend to understand the way a sleaze's mind works. Maybe it's like a dog with really bad sexual habits that'll hump a lamppost if they were in the mood.

Anyway, I don't even understand why most guys' minds work in the way they do sometimes. But that could be because I am viewing it from my own personal perspective.

Alas, it's impossible to be objective in such a circumstance.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone could ever be truly objective at all...
Of course I'm not the only one who would want to try - though if I personally disembowel them for even daring to look at you in a funny way, I will be.

Wait, better strike that.

I'll be right there.
Woo hoo! You'd better.
Oy. From what I understand, he attempted first with Tracey Davis, and was quite firmly put off from that venture, and then Oakby tried with you, and Angelina put a stop to that. And THEN some or another of our own fifth years put a stop to him trying, yet AGAIN, with Susan Bones of Hufflepuff.

Last I hear he's in the hospital wing and expected to remain there for the next day and a half.

Idiot. But I'm sorry it happened to you.
Only one bloke in sixth year would be dumb enough to hit on Susan Bones, with all the Hufflepuff fifth years and our own Anthony Goldstein and Stephen Cornfoot lurking over her shoulder.


Wait. Anthony or Stephen hit somebody?
I have decided I don't like mistletoe.
Some of the boys in this school are so ungentlemanly. I feel I need to apologise on behalf of my gender.
Come on, Fawcett. Snogging the headgirl? Who wouldn't be up for that kind of challenge?