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yuh huh - pretending to listen

January 2008

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blue - i won't admit to missing him


I feel like I've been enjoying myself too much with Stebbins and have forgotten about Cedric. I know he'd want us all to move on, but does that make me a bad friend? Or person?

* *

Just a head's up that Oakby is being dealt with. He's already been given a week's worth of detentions by McGonagall, and now they're even talking expulsion.



I mean, um, oh no?
I'm sure you'll find a way to deal with your devastation. I certainly will.
We'll have to find inordinate amounts of firewhiskey butterbeer to celebrate, I mean, commiserate over his departure.

Hey, which sixth year Hufflepuff has dark hair and a Welsh accent, do you know?
I'd prefer Umbridge or Filch going over him.

I'm sure that between you and the twins, you'd be able to procure enough.
Work with the Weasleys? Are you mad?
Explusion?! Is that... Wholly reasonable?
Considering all he's done over the years, I'd say completely.
Wouldn't they give him a suspension first? At least?

Does he know he's facing expulsion?
I think he is aware.

Personally, I don't really care. I'm only surprised the procedure didn't go ahead years ago.
Poor McGonagall. She must hate having to contemplate expelling someone from her own house. And really bad timing too, what with Umbridge being a la dictator-Oh-Headmaster-I-am-better-than-thou-even-though-pink-would-look-better-with-your-complexion.

Oh well. Can't say Oakby doesn't deserve this comeuppance.
Expulsion? I know he's an idiot and all and I still have nightmares about the time he pulled down my trousers in front of Demelza Robins and her creepy cousin, but isn't that a bit... harsh?
I think it's a culmination of things over the years and given what they've expelled students for in the past, no, I don't.
Normally, I'd be questioning this action the way Robins and Scamander did above, but after what happened to you all I can say is good riddance.
Well that's what happens when you break the rules too obviously.
Some rules are more serious than others.
That's certainly true.
To bad rubbish.
Expulsion? Wow. Even we've never crossed that line yet.
You and Fred haven't sexually harassed any female students so no, you haven't.
We most certainly haven't!

How did Croakby wangle his way into a house that prides itself on chivalry anyway?
Well, bravery isn't always put towards noble ends.