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yuh huh - pretending to listen

January 2008

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nonplussed - what next


Do not send miscreants to detention with Umbridge. Just don't. If it's that serious or too much for you to deal with, refer them to a house head. That's all.

I need a drink.


Private to Prefects, Fawcett and Warrington:
I don't think I'll ever be sadistic enough to send someone over to the Pink Creature Fred Weasley, maybe... nah, not even him, so no worries from me.

Private to Fawcett:
You sound shaken. Can I help in anything?

Private to Stebbins

I wouldn't even send Oakby to detention with her, from what I heard.

Private to Fawcett

Is it that bad?

Wait, this is Umbridge. I'm sure it's worse than any of us could possibly imagine.

Private to Stebbins

Yeah. I mean, obviously you've the brains to figure out that I somehow got wind of what went on during those detentions and just aren't telling anyone, but I really can't discuss it.

Private to Fawcett

I understand that. And since my instincts tell me I'm better off not knowing, I won't try to pry.
And since I'm sure you're probably wishing you never found out about this, I'm offering my services in case you need to scream or kick something.

Private to Stebbins

I do need to kick and scream. This is...beyond frustrating. I wish Cedric were here.

Private to Fawcett

All right, I can be right there if you want me to.

Private to Stebbins


Private to Fawcett

I wasn't about to, but... what brought this on?

Private to Roger

It's not for me to discuss.