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S. Fawcett
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I’m S. Fawcett. And apart from some close friends who know better than to use it, and the other seventh years who are still around out of everyone who witnessed the dark day when the entire school got to hear my given name at the Sorting Ceremony, what the “S” stands for will remain a mystery. Serenity? Who the blazes calls their daughter Serenity? My mum, obviously. I’m also related to Luna Lovegood through my mum, something I also don’t like mentioned. Similarly, do not ask about me snogging Stebbins. Under any circumstances.

I’m Cornish. Not British, and definitely not English. Cornish. Another thing you shouldn’t do around me? Make fun of how I talk. I have three older brothers, which made me get tough real fast. Whatever you pull, I’ve seen it done before, and done better. So it’s best for the both of us if you don’t waste your energy and both of our time by trying. And yes, I am the new Head Girl. Don’t even think about coming anywhere near my badge, Weasley twins.

And yes, I did take that aging potion last year and ended up with a beard. I just wanted to see if it really worked…

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